If you are interested in a Dogue de Bordeaux puppy, then we hope you will not mind answering a few questions in order for us to get to know you better and make the best placement for our puppies.


When completing the questionnaire, please copy and paste the form into a word doc or email feel free to give us a call to answer any questions or concerns.


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City, Prov, PC:

Home phone:

Cell Phone:

Work phone:

Email address:


1) Please share with me what you know about Mastiffs in general and the Dogue de Bordeaux in particular regarding the following:

 History of the breed:

 Original purpose of the breed:

 Health issues:

 Temperament /traits:

2) Why do you think this type of dog is a good fit for your family?

3) How do you feel about slobber and drool?

4) Are you looking for a 'companion' or 'show prospect' puppy?  Companion    Show Prospect

5) Do you prefer a male or female?  Male    Female

6) If you purchase a 'companion' puppy, will you agree to neuter/spay the dog?  Yes    No

7) If you are interested in a 'show prospect' do you plan to handle your own DDB?  If so, what prior experience do you have?

8) Are you a professional handler or trainer?  Yes    No

9) If you have titled any dogs please list those titles that you have earned, (i.e. Schutzhund, Tracking, Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Herding, etc.)

10) Do you currently own, or have you ever owned a Dogue De Bordeaux ? or other dogs? Please list the breed, gender, length of ownership of each.

11) Have you ever given up a dog or had a dog removed from your care? What were the circumstances?

12) What traits are you looking for in your Dogue De Bordeaux? (e.g. Working, Conformation, Agility, Herding, companion-pet, gender, etc.)

13) Are you a member of any dog specialty clubs (e.g. CDDBC, DDBSA, other)? Do you abide by their conformation standards and/or code of ethics?

14) Have you ever bred dogs? How many litters have you had? Tell us a little about the litters.

15) Please tell us about yourself. (Include occupation, family, hobbies, etc.)

16) If you have children, what are their ages?

17) Do you have a fenced yard?  Yes    No

18) Where do you plan to house your DDB?

19) What is your work schedule? How long will your new puppy be home alone? Is someone available to let him/her out for a midday bathroom break?

20) Are you aware of the health concerns of the Dogue De Bordeaux breed? If not, would you like more information on them?

21) Describe the "IDEAL" Dogue De Bordeaux for you. What types of activities will you do with your dogue?

22) Have you familiarized yourself with our contract?  Yes    No


Thank you for your time and effort in providing us with this helpful information.