Major show wins and more CDF ads below:


February 2020— Ney York NY: Obi wins the breed at Westminster


December 2019—Orlando FL: Spy wins BOB at AKC National show


November 2019—Columbus OH: Obi wins BISS at US Nationals


August 2019—Obi goes BISS at Canadian Nats; and takes a group 4


December 2018— Orlando FL:  Obi takes BOB at AKC National show


September 2018—Bust at US Nats in AZ made the cut every day but no AOMs due to stupid paperwork; Spy takes BOS at a supported entry show


August 2018—Obi goes BISS at Canadian Nats Spy goes Select and Juice gets an AOM :) - got a bunch of group placings too including a group 1 ;)


Orlando FL (Dec/17) - Juice goes BOSx1 select x3 including the National show and takes BOB @NOHS finals; Obi goes BOSx1 select x2 no love at National show - Florida is awesome!!!


Mississauga (Nov/17) - Juice goes BOBx1; select x3 (incl the Can Nat show); Spy goes WBx4 (incl the National show) to finish her CKC CH at 9 months old


Fort Wayne IN (Nov/17) - Juice goes Select and Spy goes Best Puppy at US Nationals; Juice picks up an OHgrp 3


Orlando, FL (Dec/16) - Had a great week at the National dog show. Juice goes BOS x1 and select x 2 as well as BOBOH x 3. She also took BOB in the NOHS finals. Enjoyed lots of sunshine with some great DDBs and their folks  

Bismarck, ND (Aug/16) Juice took 3 of 4 BOB, a select, OH grp 2, regular group cut, RBIS OH, BIS OH … and finished her GCH! Obi took WD/BOW for 4 points and did great for his first time out with his new dog show family!

Bucks County KC, PA /Trenton KC, NJ (May/16) - Showed to Bas Bosch as the 2016 specialty was cancelled. Juice took WB with Bas and BOW/BOBOH at the two Trenton shows - for two majors as well as an OH group 4.



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Hollywood North news!!!

Obi and Cyd have been invited to appear in the Turner & Hooch TV series filmed in BC July 2020 to April 2021

They are having a great time and love their trainers. The boys are dearly missed and will be home soon and we cant wait to watch the series to be aired in July 2021


Show Standings!

*** 2018, 2019, 2020 - We have the No. 1 DDB in Canada and no. 4 (2018) / 3 (2019) in the US - he was invited to Westminster all three years. Congrats to Obi!!!


*** 2017 - We have the number 1 and 2 DDBs in Canada and both Obi and Juice are top 20 in the US; Juice is the no. 2 bitch in the US and no. one OH in Canada and the States.


*** 2016 - Juice is no. 1 OH DDB in the US and no. 4 bitch in the top 20 and the no. 1 DDB in Canada!!  Congrats to Juice!


*** 2015 - We have the number 1 and 2 Dogues de Bordeaux in Canada!!! ***Congrats to Buddha and Juice!